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Replacement Heifers

Our Farm

Raising Cattle Responsibly

  Our goal at Southern Comfort Cattle Company, LLC is to provide premium quality replacement heifers to other cattle operations throughout the United States.  Our heifers have been sold to local farms in Northeast Georgia, as well as cattle ranches in Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina and South Carolina.  We improve our genetics through careful selection of our herd sires and a strict culling process for our cows who do not perform well, leaving only the best animals to reproduce.  Over the past 12 years, we have been able to selectively breed replacement heifers which display our top genetic traits including:

  • ​Docility

  • Structurally sound 

  • Easy calving including above average pelvic circumference

  • High conception rate

  • "Low maintenance" and feed efficient

  • High milk production 

​So whether you are looking for replacement heifers for your commercial cattle operation, or recipient heifers for embryo transfers, SCCC has the perfect female that will fit your program.  Our cattle herds calve twice per year and we have a variety of heifers ranging in age from weanling (8 months old) to first calf heifers (2 years old).   Call or email us for current availability and pricing.

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